About me:

Self-taught and eager to learn further web developer is looking for a stable job.

I’ve been making websites since 2009. By myself and for myself in my spare time, all my knowledge comes from on-line courses and making mistakes, a lot of mistakes.

I am looking for my first job as a web developer, I am open for any positions, full time, half time or even some freelance jobs. Have a look at my portfolio below to check if I have enough skills for the job.

My portfolio:

Just basic online shop made with wordpress and woocommerce. It’s got all the functionality needed like payments,
different shipping costs, product galleries, videos etc.

Blogging website made with wordpress. After log in we get into private pictures.

Made in 2009 with Open Solution technology. It’s outdated, I know but I have better things to
do and the traffic there is almost dead.

A voting system where we can vote for favorite things in our life.
Made with wordpress, but main part is custom written in PHP’s MVC and mySql.

Just an intro to a page or introduction of your project. All images can be yours and you can have unlimited number of

A place where a customer can order and personalize his website. Price will increase with more functionalities.
Still under construction, however the beta version is ready.